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Dissociation of attention, executive functions and reaction to difficulty: development of the MindPulse test, a new test ...


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CNRS the innovation letter

Offered by the start-up It's Brain, MindPulse is a digital test that provides in fifteen minutes a complete report on a patient's ability to react to a stimulus. Developed in collaboration...

MindPulse, a digital test

This test assesses decision-making disorders that are related to attention disorders, depression, addictions or neurodegenerative diseases...

You said Start-Up

In this new issue of our show "You said Start-Up". We met the company It's Brain creator of the MindPulse software solution on cognitive neuroscience.


Assess perceptual-motor decision-making skills to better understand the origin of possible dysfunctions in patients aged 13 to 65 years...

The Startup It's Brain

The story of MindPulse and the start-up It’s Brain begins with Sandra Suarez, the start-up’s current CEO and scientific director, deciding in 2008 to design a new tool to help with the diagnosis of ...