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Evaluation of taVNS for extreme environments: an exploration study of health benefits and stress operationality


This study, conducted by the French military, examines the effects of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (taVNS) on mental and physical health, as well as cognitive performance, using the MindPulse. The results indicate that repeated taVNS administration improves heart rate variability, cognitive performance, and sleep efficiency. However, an increased perception of stress may be associated with the repetition of sessions. These findings suggest that taVNS could be a promising intervention for extreme environments, but further research is needed to confirm these results. The MindPulse here allows for the detection of subtle variations in executive and attentional performance.
Adult Norms for the decision-making MindPulse digital test 


We present normalized data from MindPulse (MP), assessing attentional and executive functions. This study, conducted with 722 participants, compares the effectiveness of MP with traditional neuropsychological tests. The results demonstrate age and gender effects on reaction times, successfully corrected for individual variations. MP exhibits excellent validity and internal consistency, highlighting its relevance from 18 to 80 years old. This research underscores the importance of dynamically assessing attentional and executive functions with increased sensitivity, offering promising insights into understanding cognitive processes

A Dissociation of Attention, Executive Function and Reaction to Difficulty: Development of the MindPulse Test, a Novel Digital Neuropsychological Test for Precise Quantification of Perceptual-Motor Decision-Making Processes


The MindPulse test is a digital assessment tool evaluating perceptuo-motor decision-making abilities and attentional/executive functions. Designed to be fast, objective, and culturally unbiased, it relies on neuroscience advancements to measure the speed/accuracy balance based on the perceived task difficulty. Using 3 reference points, it compares reaction times and calculates the deceleration linked to task complexity. Results from 83 subjects demonstrate the test's validity, providing multidimensional measures of psychomotor slowing and attentional functioning, establishing a promising foundation for an innovative neuropsychological test.

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