Clinical cases

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Mrs. I, 53 years old, TIA "mini stroke"

Context of the assessment: Mrs. I, aged 53, was the victim of a suspected TIA 6 years ago, nothing showed up in the imagerie, however the clinical symptoms were apparent. Since then, she had strong attentional and executive complaints and had to significantly modify her professional activity as a result (reduced working time and professional reclassification). Despite this, she expressed severe fatigue and a feeling of being overwhelmed in her daily life.

Mrs. I has a high level of education, has no thymic disturbances, sleep disorders nor history apart from this TIA episode.

FABIAN, 13 years old, ADHD

Context of the assessment: ADHD diagnostic made 4 years ago. No development peculiarities. Studies have been normal but requires enormous effort. Behavior is impulsive, sometimes aggressive. Slowness in everyday activities and maintaining attention over time is difficult.

Madame S, 56 ANS, COVID-19

Context of the assessment : Mrs. S, 56, tested positive for COVID-19 in the spring of 2021, with central and peripheral neurological symptoms, and muscle symptoms (to learn more about these symptoms, feel free to consult the great article that we wrote HERE). 3 months later, Mrs S still presents a strong attentional, memory and language complaint and has not been able to resume her professional activity. Mrs. S also has a history of sleep disorders, amplified since COVID.