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Norm Expensions 
In childhood

MindPulse is currently committed to expanding its norms to include a younger audience. Recruitment now extends to children aged 6 and above, broadening the age range for assessment from 6 to 80 years old !


Cross-Cultural Validation

Interculturality is a key focus within MindPulse's objectives. Since 2021, research teams from partner laboratories in Dakar, Senegal, have been working on validating the African Norms for MindPulse. Preliminary results align with MindPulse's goals, aiming to develop a test less sensitive to cultural differences. We are moving towards genuine inclusivity in neuropsychology!

Technological Advances
AI for MindPulse

The development of artificial intelligence marks a major evolution of the 21st century, opening new perspectives in healthcare

In continuation of our commitment to maximize the power of MindPulse in characterizing cognitive symptoms, artificial intelligence represents the next step in its development

Our technical and clinical teams collaborate closely to integrate AI into MindPulse, highlighting profiles of subjects' adaptation to decision-making that define both typical and atypical functioning


Our technical teams are working on the operationalization of the Decision Diffusion Model (DDM) within MindPulse
This model provides a much more reliable measure of brain functioning, linked to neural networks


Clinical Studies

MindPulse mène actuellement plusieurs études cliniques au sein de ses laboratoires partenaires.


In Dakar, Senegal, our teams continue their research on cognitive functioning in the context of Long COVID

La Dépression

In Tours, France, MindPulse is participating in an in-depth study on the cognitive qualification of depression, using MindPulse as the primary executive and attentional tool


Comparison Studies

The GREFFEX and TAP are among the most commonly used batteries in neuropsychology, particularly in the executive and attentional domains

In order to delineate more precisely the use of MindPulse, a comparative study was conducted between MindPulse, GREFFEX, and TAP

A little patience, the article is currently being finalized!

Typical Functioning
Sleep, Anxiety and Depression Traits

MindPulse, by providing sufficient precision to characterize typical individuals, is committed to deepening the understanding of the impact of daily life on our cognitive functioning

Currently, MindPulse is dedicated to understanding the link between sleep quality, anxious and depressive traits in populations without clinical sleep disorders or significant anxiety-depressive symptoms. The goal is to better understand how the typical fluctuation of these parameters can influence fundamental decision-making


Fundamental Research 
Heading towards mice!

In collaboration with the University of Paris Saclay, MindPulse is currently involved in the development of a murine model for MindPulse!

Soon, even mice will be put to the MindPulse test!

Independent Work related to MindPulse

Diversité culturelle 
Psychosis and Cultural Biais

MindPulse has recently been featured in a study aimed at understanding the cultural limitations of neuropsychological assessment in patients with a first psychotic episode. This research compares patients of Western origin to those from immigrant backgrounds

The study, currently being published, highlights the impact of cultural biases present in traditionally used neuropsychological tools, emphasizing the culturally equitable alternative offered by MindPulse

Stress & Racism

In the United States, a study is currently under development to understand the cognitive impact of stress on individuals who have experienced racism.

Clinical Studies

Several clinical studies are currently underway in numerous laboratories that have chosen to use MindPulse.



In Nigeria, a laboratory is currently conducting research on the cognitive consequences of HIV using MindPulse.



In Amiens, France, MindPulse is one of the tools used to measure the cognitive functioning of patients who have suffered a stroke.


Typical Functioning
Work & Well-Being

A study is underway to better understand the impact of professional well-being on fundamental decision-making, using MindPulse as a measurement tool.


Decision-making in the industrial sector

MindPulse is currently one of the tools used to address issues of vigilance and decision-making in the industrial sector.


Sleep & Decision-Making

Research is underway to explore the link between sleep deprivation and decision-making abilities. MindPulse has been chosen as the measurement tool for these capacities.


Fonctionnement cognitif et gravité

Mindpulse was used to study theimpact of repeated changes in gravity on human adaptation skill in space (Agence Spatiale Européenne).

The test allowed to characterize the cognitive functioning of astronauts by assessing attentional and executive functions under the conditions encountered during missions to the Moon and Mars.

The objective is to use MindPulse for upcoming long-duration space missions to better understand crew adaptation.

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