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 The use of MindPulse test


MindPulse is a 15 minute attentional and executive function assessment tool, that is already used by hundreds of cognitive practitioners in their offices as well as remotely with patients from 13 to 65 years old.

To have acces, just create an account right here. Once the download link and activation key are received. The practitioner has 3 complimentary trial reports.


Clinical case Studies

Complex algorithms analyze the data received in the 15 minute test. MindPulse permets a complete and precise assessment of attentional and executive functions with 16 indicators.

In just 3 minutes after the test, the practitioners can access the detailed report, with a visual synthesis, of decision making capacities of the patient.

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Executive Functions and Decision Making

Discover the crucial impact of decision-making and executive functions in our daily, professional, and medical lives. Executive functions are the essential cognitive skills that help us succeed in task management, solving complex problems, and our social interactions. Decision-making, at the core of these skills, sheds light on how we utilize our abilities to make informed choices.

This text explores the fundamental role of decision-making. Learn how evaluating these skills and their roles in your daily life, career, and well-being can enhance your understanding, and why they are increasingly of interest in the professional world.

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