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Artificial Intelligence & Digital Innovation in a Test Measuring Executive Functions and Adaptation Quality: Calibration, Elementary Decomposition of Decision-Making, and Dynamic Adaptation Profiles through AI.


This commented presentation, showcased at JNPN 2024, explores the advancements of our research, including precise calibration, elemental decomposition of decision-making, and dynamic analysis of adaptation profiles using AI. Discover our innovative approaches that combine cutting-edge techniques to offer a deep understanding of individuals' cognitive abilities and adaptation mechanisms.

Dreaming of an Intercultural Neuropsychology: Culture-Fair Assessment of Cognitive Functioning in Emerging Psychoses


This study examines the influence of cultural representations on embodied cognition in young individuals with emerging psychosis. The study compares the use of traditional Western neuropsychological tools with MindPulse as a culturally relevant alternative.

The context of immigration s a significant risk factor in the onset of psychoses,and cultural biases in tests pose challenges for clinicians in distinguishing real deficits from shortcomings in evaluation tools, which MindPulse helps to avoid..

Victory of the best poster at the JNPN 2023

Unipolar depression: Evaluation of attentional and executive difficulties and dynamic adaptation profiles to decision, by a new test and by the use of Artificial Intelligence


The aim of the study is to better understand the links between cognitive difficulties and symptomatology in major unipolar depression.. In a need for more sensitive tools to assess the fundamental capacity for decision-making, MindPulse was used for its technology combining artificial intelligence and the decision dissemination model. The decision-making capacity of a subject is, thanks to AI, measured and understood in its fundamental dynamics.

MindPulse test:


The purpose of the study is to validate the use of MindPulse on a population comprised between 13 and 80 years old. To carry out this study, we find 721 participants et 168 data recueillies par sujet.

Evaluation of attentional/executive difficulties in major depressive disorder. 

Despite the consensus regarding the impact of major depressive disorder on executive functions, current tools have difficulties specifying the precise component that is altered.. The use of the MindPulse test has therefore been requested for its fine measurements of attentional and executive functions.

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