The Pulse of Clinical Innovation


A series of free webinars on clinical innovation in mental health!

First conference: “Artificial Intelligence in balance sheets!” – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and link with the clinic »

Programming of conferences

 DATE : Tuesday, July 4th at 1:00 PM

 DURATION : 45 min

 THEME : « Virtual Reality in Cognitive Rehabilitation - Innovation in Mental Health »

 SPEAKER : M. Serlet, neuropsychologist (REHAL-IT)

Format of “The Pulse of Clinical Innovation” webinars:

Digital (on ZOOM)
– Average duration 45min.
Free and open to clinicians, students, researchers and professors.
- ON registration to receive the connection link (limit of participants).
– In specific schedules (at 1 p.m. to share coffee).
– Always intended for mental and cognitive health clinicians.
For training or information purposes

The year 2022 ended in a certain gloom. Mental health is in crisis, health professionals are exhausted. Neuroscience tools also need renewal. We all want more enthusiasm, to have a more caring, rewarding and supportive professional life. Also, at MindPulse, we decided to bring to the community our stone of hopes for 2023 🙂

MindPulse is hosting a webinar series, free, "The Pulse of Clinical Innovation” to allow you to understand and discover the very strong innovations in mental health that will impact the clinic of the 21st century.

Innovations that will probably soon be at the heart of your clinical practices. Starting with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in your tools. The goal of the webinars is to show you the changes that are coming and to allow you to participate in this dynamic by being closer to the researchers. Better understand, see what it will bring you, but also say what makes you want.

MindPulse has started communicating about the implementation of A.I. in cognitive assessments for researchers currently using the MindPulse in their clinical research.

Indeed, by having been laureate of the iLab scientific innovation competition, MindPulse was able to finance a series of clinical research works and thanks to a partnership with the CNRS and the University of Paris-Saclay, co-holders of the Patent of innovation of the test , we have also offered a dozen research teams the possibility of using the test and its AIs for free in their work.

Beyond the work of the MindPulse research team, clinical innovation players will be present to present their work to you and show you what it will bring you in your practice, and to answer your questions.
This will make it possible to advance innovation in a dynamic of exchanges, to answer the very many questions that clinicians ask themselves and to embark with us on the innovation and tools of tomorrow which will be at your service for assessments of a new kind.


To reserve your place at the “The Pulse of Clinical Innovation” webinars, receive the titles and dates of the conferences and the connection links to attend them, register your email here:

Webinar - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and link with the clinic 

Presented by Professor Betrand Eynard

Webinar - Virtual reality, very real emotion

Presented by Mr Alexandre Dussaud, psychologist at C2CARE

Webinaire – Réalité virtuelle, en rééducation cognitive – l’innovation en santé mentale

Presented by M. Sébastien Serlet, neuropsychologist and CEO at REHAL-IT

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