«This tool has been built in a true collaboration with practitioners, listening to their needs. For the moment I don't see any equivalent test for this type of evaluation for adults. The assessment report is great, modern, crystal clear and easy to use for the parents report as well. It’s just perfect, we want more!»

Maud Gourtay-Saussaye, psychologist

«In my opinion, the test allows a detailed and in-depth analysis of the persons abilities, complements well the tests that I traditionally use and sheds additional light in the evaluation of executive and attentional processes.»

Fanny Lagneau , psychologist

Patent filed in partnership with Paris-Saclay University and CNRS

Standards established for a population of 528 people aged 13 to 65

Standards established for a population of 528 people aged 13 to 65

Scientific publication

Innovative, simple, efficient

With its complex algorithms analyzing the data captured in a 15 minute test, MindPulse provides a complete and precise overview of the attentional and executive functions with 16 indicators.

Our researchers have discovered a new index, independent of the executive speed: Reaction to Difficulty. It reveals the strategies and behavior during the test and this index is correlated to depression.

3 minutes after the end of the test, the practitioners can connect to a detailed report reflecting the fundamental decision making balance in a visual synthesis.

How do I obtain the MindPulse?

1. First contact

To try MindPulse, just fill out our registration form . Our team will return a link to download with an activation key.

2. Activation key

Then download MindPulse for free on your computer and benefit with 3 free trial reports, thanks to your activation key.

3. Report

After the test, send us your patient's test data file. We will send you a personalized link to your PDF report within 3 minutes.

4. Purchase

Have you found that MindPulse meets your needs from the 3 trial reports offered? Go to purchase page where you will find all our current offers.

Remote test

When the test opens, you have the option of choosing to take it remotely. This choice allows you to create an activation key for your patient and send it to them just at the start of your consultation.

A remote assignment must be done as part of remote consultation through the communication channel of your choice. You need to be able to check the conditions under which the latter is awarded and provide support if necessary.

When the test is complete, your patient will see the message "send results" which will allow you to receive and send us the test data file.

Developement perspective

Expand standards

Big data

International developement

7 hour remote training

Would you like to know more about the posibilities of the MindPulse report ? Charlotte Mennetrey, Phd psychology and neuropsychology, will conduct one day trainings on the subject.

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